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Volga River cruises

Here at Volga-Balt Tour we offer you a possibility to across Russia from European Moscow to distinctive Astrakhan, the ancient capital of Tatars and vice versa following the impressive Moscow – Volga Canal. While cruising you will sail along almost the entire length of the Volga River to the edge of the Caspian see and will have the possibility to visit the places of different religious cultures and enjoy truly Russia hospitality.


Lena River cruises

Feel like a pioneering adventurer and embark on a journey along the Lena River, one of the longest rivers in the world, good choice for the nature lovers.
Listen to interesting facts about the natural resources, particularly the diamond deposits, as well as astonishing discoveries of Mammoth fossils, and the ecological situation of the Lena River. Daily concerts, games, cocktail parties, and reading sessions will keep your evenings relax and busy.


Lake Baikal cruises

Here with Volga-Balt tour you have the unique opportunity to visit lake Baikal – biggest and deepest freshwater lake on Earth. 70 % of its territory is impossible to visit by land. You will keep in your memory the combination of cultural visits and nature relaxing time at its ashore for a long time after returning home.

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